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 First Impressions are Everything
  Screening will be my first impression of you, providing all the information required in a concise and professional manner makes it an  excellent one. A proper introductory email or booking form indicates to me that you’re a respectful and considerate individual. 

     The following five items are necessary in order to book your  appointment: your screening information, where, when, what time, and  for how long you would like to meet. Please, refrain from asking inappropriate questions about our time together. 

     It is natural to fear giving personal information to someone you do not  know, especially given the nature of this industry. Providers are well  practiced in discretion. I have nothing to gain  and everything to lose by  mistreating your information. 
 Preparing for Our Date  
 - Groom like you would for any highly anticipated date 
 - Wear whatever makes you comfortable.  
 - You may want to bring a bottle of wine, especially if you know a drink will help you to relax. 
 - Let me know how you’d prefer to confirm our engagement the day of, text or email? 
 - If you’re unable to meet me in the lobby or another public location let me know in advance so we can make proper accommodations. 
 You’re In  
 It’s the day of our date. You’re nervous and excited. Or you aren’t nervous  at all but just looking forward to a good time. Either way there is an  etiquette to all of this.
 Take care of payment promptly. This is important and there is a very  specific way to to do it: 

 - If I’m coming to you , it is customary to put the envelope with my fees on  the bathroom vanity. Invite me to use the bathroom when I arrive. 

 - If you’re coming to me, simply saunter in, take off your coat, and place the  envelope on the table, plainly in view. 
 Relax and Enjoy  
 Don’t forget that this is finally ME time for you. What a concept! Let your  body's tension melt under my firm skillful hands. Let things flow naturally or follow my lead.  Most  importantly, have fun!  
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